Why hoteliers should consider Adharia to target luxury travelers


The chances are that those searching for luxury travel options have money to spend – and time in which to enjoy their trips. After all, to indulge in something luxurious means to take the time to enjoy it; whether it’s the booking experience, the arrival and welcome, or the stay itself.

No matter what kind of travellers you currently cater to, we are all searching for ways to target and attract those elusive luxury travellers. Whether we seek to reel them in with high end hotel rooms and luxury amenities, with unique environments and exclusive experiences, or with something completely innovative which can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world, the way that hotels are bringing in luxury travellers is constantly changing – as the idea of what “luxury” really is, changes.

What do those seeking luxury travel really want?

Head to any blog or online article focussed on luxury travel, and the likelihood is that the experience will be up there in the top three things that travellers look for. And we don’t just mean something pretty that they can take a photo of and upload to their Instagram. The very best experiences go beyond the picture-perfect finish.

After all, great hotel rooms can be found all over the world, but what makes something truly luxurious is its exclusivity – how many other people can say they have had this experience? If the answer is “not many”, you’re onto a winner.

And that’s where Adharia comes in.

Offering the finest in water-based luxury, Adharia’s floating suites make the very best use of whatever water offering your hotel has; whether it be a river, canal, lake or even the ocean.

The world is becoming increasingly conscious of the environment – so much so that modern hotels are having to understand and incorporate eco-friendly offerings into their experiences if they hope to attract positive media and luxury travellers. With each floating suite offering the highest quality eco facilities, including a photovoltaic system – also known as a solar power system – and water purification and toilet system which are supported by phytoremediation – technologies which use living plants to clean up the air, soil and water as a means of filtration are one of Adharia’s most popular offerings.

Moving onto one of the best features of the Adharia suites, we turn to the privacy and intimacy that each one promises – giving guests the opportunity to take control of their own journey, and experience their very own slice of the great outdoors; from uninterrupted views to an entirely immersive introduction to the local wildlife. With each boasting its own outdoor jacuzzi and inside furnishings which support the most comfortable stay, luxury travel comes into its own both inside and outside an Adharia suite – giving hotels who invest in Adharia the very best all-round experience.

Finally, the association between luxury and value. After all, offering a luxury travel package is not about making it affordable – it’s about adding value which supports the higher cost, through the experience, the high end facilities and the completely unique and tailored offering which you are promising each and every guest. What better way to do that, than right in the heart of nature on a water-based luxury suite?

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