What to Teach your Kids about Travelling


They say that travel is the greatest form of education, introducing people to new experiences, new cultures, and traditions both new and old; regardless of their age and existing life experiences. We have reached an age where travel is easier and more accessible than ever before, and this is enabling more people to travel to far flung destinations they couldn’t have imagined a few mere decades ago.

With that said, travel safety and knowing how to protect yourself is also more important than it has ever been. These are just some of the areas of travel and unknown destinations that you should let your kids know before waving them off on their first adventures.

It doesn’t matter if it’s their first or their tenth adventure…

… the same rules apply, and education and preparation never goes out of fashion.

Whether your kids are travelling for the first time or the tenth time, reminding them about personal safety is key to ensuring that they have a good time wherever they go, and that they come home safe with tons of great stories to tell.

Have a Budget in mind for Activities and Experiences

It’s very easy to view holiday money as fake money, particularly when it’s a new currency and notes we are unfamiliar with. However, budgeting is key to ensuring you are able to cover all the necessary expenses throughout your entire trip – ideally with some leftover for emergencies which could strike at any time. Sharing saving and budgeting tips with your kids is a good way of helping them establish a healthy relationship with money from day one – one which will serve them well both on holidays and in their future lives.

Check in on a regular basis

Checking in with family back home is an important part of responsible travelling, because it lets people know where you are and that you are safe. If you have an itinerary as part of your travel plans, share it with people back home so that if you run into any difficulty, they will be able to identify where you are and can contact the right people who can help you.

Checking in should not be mistaken for being overbearing – rather it is an opportunity for loved ones to feel reassured when their child is travelling, and for kids to know they are safe and that someone knows where they are.

Invest in the important things

From a high factor SPF sun cream to a charging cable and the right adaptors for their destination, investing in the important things and packing smart is key to ensuring safety and enjoyment throughout the holiday.

Some other important things to remember include:
• First aid kit
• Small carry bag for day trips
• Portable charger
• Emergency cash

Try New Experiences

Travel is for new experiences, new tastes, new sights, and new sounds. Educate your kids about different cultures and encourage them to learn more about different communities and expectations before they arrive at their destination. This will give them a greater understanding of what is going on when they arrive, and will enable them to make the most of their trip rather than missing experiences that might have opened their eyes to new ways of life.

Don’t stray too far

They don’t call it ‘the beaten path’ for nothing. Often the well worn tourist paths are the safest and those which take in the best viewpoints and the most memorable experiences. Explore as much as you like, but don’t stray too far away from the paths as this can lead to becoming lost and in danger.

Enjoy it!

Last but not least, enjoy every second. Travel is the gift that keeps on giving and now, with travel more accessible than ever before, kids have opportunities that previous generations could only dream of.

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