Top luxury travel bloggers you need to be following


As an industry, so much of what we do is about presenting the best possible experience to the end user (the end user, in this case, being the luxury traveller). And while it can seem easy to trawl through Tripadvisor and other online outlets for great reviews and to create a breakdown of the industry competition out there, sometimes the best inspiration and feedback comes from those who make a living out of luxury travel.

With the rise of social media has come the dawning of the travel blogger, creating an outlet for great images and captions which invite a huge amount of traction and feedback from the right audience. Following these luxury, travel bloggers provides you with a consistent stream of ideas from other luxury resorts and destinations, as well as an in-depth look at the competition surrounding your hospitality venture.

Without further ado, here are a few of the top bloggers we encourage you to follow right now!

Salty Luxe @saltyluxe

Born and bred in Byron Bay, much of the Salty Luxe’s travel adventures happen near to and around the water, making her a great inspiration to all those beachside resorts looking to embrace something a little different – whether it’s the latest Adharia Floating Suite for isolated luxury or a new water-based experience for the adventurous traveller. Managed by Sarah, the Salty Luxe account is vibrant, colourful, and gives a great insight into the beauty of the surroundings (spoiler alert: it’s not all selfies and mirror poses, Salty Luxe features some spectacular natural shots!)

Jarvis Marcos @theluxurytraveller

Based in London, Jarvis is the social media King of the first-class flight, giving his followers an insider look at everything from the departure lounge to his plane seat and his 5* vacation suite. Despite the lockdown which has slowed Jarvis’ travel down in recent months, his Instagram is still active and encouraging followers to get involved by sharing their own experiences. Jarvis also shares travel tips with his followers, stating the best times to visit various locations and destinations according to conditions such as weather and cost – all important factors to the modern day luxury traveller.

Caitlin Covington @cmcoving

Despite recently becoming a Mum, Caitlin Covington is still super active and shares pictures from her travellers both locally and internationally – most recently travelling to Cabo for a shoot of her new beach holiday clothing line. The way Caitlin shares her luxury holiday snaps makes the concept seem luxurious but still family-friendly and cosy, covering both wintery vacations and summer beach trips all year round.

Zee Ba Life @zeebalife

Run by a luxury traveller called Claudia, Zeebalife is an account that covers not just luxury travel but also the reality of travelling as a vegan, focus on sustainability and family life as well as the perks of travelling to great destinations around the world. Claudia is partial to a luxury beach resort, so her Instagram is full of beach and seaside content, including environmentally friendly ways of experiencing the grandeur around her, both alone and with her family.

League Travels @leaguetravels

A couple focussed on finding the best and most romantic resorts around the world, if Zach and Tara visit your resort or destination then you can rest assured they will find the most picturesque backdrop for their photoshoots. As well as travel, their Instagram blog pays homage to lifestyle solutions and beachside living, creating content for some of the top hotels in the world. Given the scale of their reach and the great visuals they capture which ooze opulence yet are still natural, we think these two would make the perfect couple for a reopening of your grandest honeymoon suite!

Global Grasshopper @globalgrasshopper

An award-winning travel blog, Global Grasshopper is run and managed by Becky and Gray who travel to and uncover the secrets behind some of the world’s finest and most decadent locations. The images they capture are as vibrant and alive as the locations themselves, inspiring hundreds of travellers every year to try out places they would never have thought of themselves.

For us, the beauty of a luxury travel blogger is the reach they have, and the way that they capture shots that create the perfect organic marketing for a luxury destination or resort. Word of mouth is and always has been one of the most valuable resources for the travel world, and harnessing this with some high-end content from luxury travel bloggers is one of the best ways of sharing your resort with potential visitors – showing it in the best possible light.

So, who will be the first luxury travel blogger to visit your resort in 2021?

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