Top 11 Luxury Destinations for 2021


The vaccines are rolling, borders are planning their opening, and hospitality businesses are getting ready for some of the grandest re-launch parties this generation has ever seen. In 2021, all signs are implying that holidays to the right locations are back on – and to help you plan and gather inspiration for your own resort or hotel opening, we’ve pulled together a list of 11 of the top luxury destinations which will be welcoming jet setters in 2021.

  1. Maldives

Top of most lists, the Maldives is less of a destination and more of a complete all-around luxury experience, defying the most basic laws of everyday life by giving every guest their own cabin atop the surface of the ocean. We love seeing how the various resorts which call the Maldives home have embraced the idea of luxury as a complete experience and put energy into understanding the environmental and natural beauty of the islands which draws visitors in. These ideas are then injected into experiences and guest touchpoints – for example, the underwater all-glass restaurant, and a series of local conservation projects which guests can learn about.

The Maldives is a great example of luxury fused with natural experiences, delivering guests with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the most natural surroundings without losing that exclusive vacation vibe – much like the experience created through an Adharia floating suite.

  1. Mexico

Renowned for great food and vibrant culture, Mexico’s natural and eco-friendly resorts are rarely the spotlight of visitor experiences – and that’s what makes them so exclusive and high end for those who do take the time to relax in nature. Mexico’s own resort area, called Mayakoba, celebrates luxury and nature by integrating the guest experience into the very heart of the surrounding environment, with some of the top hotels including treehouses and beachside suites. The resort presents everything a guest could want, including shops and attractions, but all with a nod to ecology and the natural world.

  • Bermuda
  • It’s not hard to become a standout beach resort if you have the beauty of pink sand beaches at your feet – and that’s exactly what Bermuda offers. This unique experience is paired with various opportunities, from natural experiences and animal encounters to pure five-star accommodation and luxury – giving each and every guest the gift of a completely tailored experience suited to them. Just like an Adharia suite provides optimum guest immersion in the environment around them, so too does Bermuda offers a variety of experiences that take guests right into the heart of the destination.

  • Andalucia in Spain
  • Spain has long been a popular destination with travellers, from those seeking an all-inclusive bargain, to those searching for the highest form of luxury available. As is the case across most of Spain, guests can benefit from access to a plethora of water activities – but Andalucia also offers culture and edible delights which sit far above the majority of holiday menus. The perfect way to experience a new destination through the senses.

    1. Cuba

    The best thing about Cuba is that you can experience and enjoy everything and nothing all in one day – depending on your preference. With the Caribbean waters surrounding you, you can either sit on the beach and soak up the sun, or you can lose yourself amongst the pastel-coloured streets and the vibrant mountain landscape behind the towns. Wildlife and ecological diversity are abundant in Cuba, and any amount of time spent there will introduce you to new creatures, plants, and experiences.

    1. Hamburg in Germany

    A city filled with life and things to see, Hamburg is a hybrid of affordable attractions and luxury experiences, making it the ideal destination for travellers of all backgrounds and lifestyles. Pairing some excellent food with a stroll around the boating lake is a great way to spend an afternoon, before losing yourself to the architecture in the evening.

    1. St Kitts, Caribbean

    Known for clear blue waters and exotic backdrops, St Kitts has also become known as one of the safest places for travel in light of the pandemic, with the island only allowing guests who provide a negative test before travel. The destinations have also only had 41 positive tests as of mid-February 2021 and deliver excellence in experience and grandeur as well as health and safety.

    1. Iceland

    Have you ever heard of the ice hotel in Iceland? If there was ever a successful study of complete luxurious immersion brought to life, it’s that hotel in the middle of Iceland. As a destination, Iceland is known for its infinite beauty and the sheer magnitude of its landscape – and if you get the chance to stay in the ice hotel or at any of Iceland’s luxury accommodation options, you will find that you get to experience everything around you, up close and personal.

    1. South Africa

    If you’re looking for exclusive experiences and lifelong memories, South Africa is home to the Big 5 and a broad range of accommodation and safari options that can be tailored to suit any preference. The game reserves are some of the most popular attractions, though those enticed by water experiences can also see whales and other marine life around the coastline. A real luxury destination for adventure lovers.

    1. Indonesia

    The home of seascapes, coastlines, and one-of-a-kind culture, Indonesia is a location where travellers can enjoy as much luxury as they like. Unique and wild experiences give guests the chance to enjoy deep-sea diving or long hiking adventures, all in a Covid-safe environment. That’s because Indonesia has launched their own instant Covid tests which provide results in two minutes, giving travellers quick and easy peace of mind before sending them to their chosen resorts.

    1. Antarctica

    We’re ending our list with a destination that offers exclusivity through its unique experiences and the long list of natural encounters that you can have on a single day out. Antarctica is cold, and with that comes some of the world’s most incredible landscapes, viewpoints, and natural ecosystems – and enjoying it from the grandeur of a luxury holiday destination is just half the fun of the overall experience.

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