Things to do when staying at a Waterside Retreat


Often when we consider luxury travel, we picture couples and older guests who are looking to immerse themselves in the kind of environment which we most commonly associate with luxury. That is, somewhere quiet, peaceful, and surrounded by natural beauty and the perfect service.

However, in a world where travel is becoming increasingly widespread and more and more travellers are looking for new ways to experience the world as a family, these luxury resorts find themselves expanding their offering to entice families with children; travelling groups and smaller parties. Adharia Luxury Floating Suites, provides a new solution to the market for waterside stays; bringing luxury hotel suites right onto the heart of the water, as the industry looks to further grow its selection of both traditional hotel rooms and more experiential options.

But what does an increase in family groups to these waterside retreats mean?

More than anything else, it means finding ways to turn a luxury resort into a location for guests of all ages to enjoy – and on a holiday, that often leads to water-based activities and experiences.

The best ways to turn your waterside retreat into a haven of family fun

If your resort happens to be located at the waterside of a beach, then a lot of the work is already done. Sand, sea and sun are the three ingredients included in family holidays dating back decades, as both adults and children find ways of passing the time and entertaining themselves, keeping active and enjoying a restful break.

Some of the most popular beach activities that you can support and advertise as part of your waterside retreat offering are:

  • Building sandcastles – an age old tradition loved by holidaymakers of all ages.
  • Fishing – perfect for guests who are returning to one of our popular Adharia luxury suites with the capability to prepare and cook their own grilled dinner at the end of a day by the sea.
  • Collecting seashells.
  • Enjoying a family picnic.
  • Swimming in the sea.
  • Enjoy the local attractions such as amusement arcades, cafes and ice cream parlors, and beachside bars.

For those resorts located close to other sources of water for example lakes and rivers, the opportunity to create and provide your own brand of water-based fun is one which should not be missed – with some of the most popular global resorts offering everything from water skiing and other water sports, floating café pods and bars, sunset boat tours and spectacular viewpoints for the perfect holiday snaps.

In short, being a luxury or high end resort does not mean steering clear of an opportunity to embrace the fun and playful nature of a day on the water; with different water sources offering all manner of entertainment and experiences which can elevate the attraction of your hotel or resort for all ages. One of the best things about a waterside retreat is that guests can relax or play as hard as they want to; safe in the knowledge that your resort will offer them the luxury and comfort of a 5 star experience at the end of the day.

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