The world’s most secluded luxury island escapes that should be on your bucket list.


We all have a bucket list. That list of things we want to do, goals we want to achieve, and places we want to see before we become too busy, too old, or too caught up in family life.

For us, finding new places to visit is all part of the bucket list experience – with the concept and thought of adding a new place to our dream travel list almost as exciting as actually getting a chance to visit the destination itself. So, what should we be looking for in the perfect bucket list destination?

Firstly, seclusion. That intimacy and privacy that we all wish we had more of in our daily lives, contained within the confines of a luxury resort or hotel, with incredible views and the peace and quiet of time spent away. Whether you look to achieve this through a luxury villa, a private island escape, or a floating hotel suite built to travel on its own along the water, seclusion is something that is often intrinsically linked with luxury.

Then there is the experience of the place itself, and how you are able to explore the culture and community spirit of a new location from the heart of your holiday. By this we mean the opportunity to be immersive and really lose yourself in a place – adding to your bucket list so much more than just a high end resort.

Ultima, Corfu in Greece

If you’re looking for secluded luxury, there is no doubt that a private island is designed to meet your needs – in style. Operating under the Ultima name, which owns and operates a collection of high end resorts and getaways around the world, this specific retreat takes you away from the city and places you in a seven-bedroom villa with its own specialist amenities and facilities which mean you can enjoy an entirely self-contained holiday from your own oasis of calm.

Guests to the Ultima resort in Corfu will also benefit from their own yacht for the duration of their stay, giving them the chance to explore and tick off all those other pending bucket list items – swimming in secluded and private coves, visiting small islands and experiencing the local wildlife up close.

Kamalama Cay in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is renowned as a destination where you can have any kind of experience – be it luxurious, immersive, or cost effective. The Kamalama Cay resort may offer the most high end and luxurious of experiences, but as a destination the Bahamas is not one to be missed no matter what your budget, with the popularity of the area making it popular with all kinds of travelers.

If you do decide to add Kamalama Cay to your bucket list – and we suggest that you do – be prepared for an intimate barefoot vibe which truly embraces the seamless transition from inside to outside and which encourages guests to immerse and lose themselves in their surroundings. There are 27 secluded suites available, each boasting its own unique viewpoint and finish.

Trisara in Phuket

Phuket is one of the world’s most instagrammable locations, with everyone from influencers to celebrities, travelers and students traveling to the remote location in order to find themselves, experience the local culture, and really come to terms with the nature and wildlife that lives in the tropical jungles and along the clean sandy beaches.

As far as a secluded bucket list-worthy destination, this one is the perfect resort for intimacy, owned by a local family who have created an oasis just away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist regions of Phuket. Guests can enjoy access to their own private pool, a Michelin starred meal in the on-site eatery, and even a wellness break surrounded by the beauty of orchards and vineyards.

Kokomo in Fiji

Fiji is another island which is small in size but large in experience, making it one of the most iconic and popular destinations on any travel guide or bucket list. In terms of the culture and natural surroundings, clear blue waters surround jungles, desert landscapes and incredible rivers, with the Kokomo resort sitting right on the edge of the water to benefit from both sea views and a vibrant jungle backdrop.

Every room in this resort has its own pool and balcony from which to enjoy the view, giving you complete privacy away from other guests and allowing you to fully control the social interaction you have.

Joali in the Maldives

Another one which graces the bucket list of many individuals, the Maldives is a destination famed for its clear blue waters and incredibly immersive experiences in nature. There are a series of different resorts available, each boasting their own unique features and elements which make them stand out from the rest. Joali is no different, offering a new experience which centers itself around sustainability and ongoing development, encompassing the culture and design of the island and community itself into the very walls of the resort and the experiences that are on offer to guests. You can even enjoy your own personal butler, to bring you cocktails as you lounge on your own decking overlooking the bay.

Bawah Reserve in Indonesia

And finally, we come to the Bawah Reserve in Indonesia, a location which offers the wild nature of Indonesia combined with the luxury of overwater bungalows designed for the most intimate and unique experiences. When the ocean is your backyard, everyday offers different views and experiences, and so guests to the Bawah Reserve can prepare themselves for complete isolation with the island’s best natural views for company. The marine conservation area makes this reserve particularly popular, linking the high end accommodation with a far more rural and natural surrounding experience – all to be enjoyed in complete privacy.

The ultimate bucket list experience

What does the ultimate bucket list experience look like for you?

After all, we are all different, and we all look for different things in a high end holiday or escape – be it seclusion, luxurious amenities, or the hustle and bustle of a brand new community.

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