The Rise of Secluded Destinations in Travel


There’s something about going abroad that lets you leave behind everything you associate with home; the chores and daily demands, gossip and community commitments – in favour of being able to draw breath in a space that is purely yours for a small chunk of time.

There will of course always be a market for the popular hotspots of resorts and holiday parks, where young families go to immerse themselves in the lands of their favourite characters, and older individuals go to make new connections and try new experiences with other likeminded guests.

But in a post COVID-19 world, where we are all that little bit more conscious about our health and safety, and the sanctity of keeping those around us safe, could it be that secluded destinations and private experiences start to increase even further in popularity?

The long time advantages of secluded travel destinations

No matter where you travel to, you will come across spots of natural beauty or incredible charm which have, over time, been impacted and sometimes even destroyed by the overwhelming tourist trade. While many communities and economies need the tourist income to keep them afloat, it is often the case that the natural elements and surroundings simply cannot keep up with the demand and high footfall – with popular beaches, coastal paths and other hubs having to close either for renovations or due to permanent damage.

That said, there are also many examples of once secluded destinations which were then featured in a film or photographed in a magazine – suddenly finding their capacity tripling as the mass market uncovered the secret secluded beauty, for example the beaches of Thailand, the hills of New Zealand, and the crystal waters of Hawaii.

In short, secluded travel has always been something we strive to find and enjoy, but keeping something naturally beautiful a secret is near impossible in the modern world of social media, instant photo sharing and the highly influential presence of the media. It seems inevitable now that if you find a quiet spot filled with charm, it won’t be long before someone else finds it – and not long after, it becomes just another tourist hotspot to fill on a sunny day.

The value of seclusion in the modern world

And so, providing secluded travel destinations in a modern world calls for innovation and a ‘think outside the box’ approach, with many popular destinations and resorts now looking for new ways to offer that intimate secluded experience without losing their footfall and popularity.

While some resorts are expanding their global sites in an effort to reach new markets and spread their value to ever-more extravagant and unique locations, others are finding new ways to maximise on the existence of their current offering – for example engaging the use of the Adharia Floating Suites to turn a simple water source – pool, canal or river – into the setting for a luxury hotel suite which benefits from the most outstanding immersive surroundings, the privacy of its own space, and the luxury of a 5* experience.

It is only through adaptation and innovation that hotels will be able to attract new customers looking for quiet and private holiday spots – particularly in these new times where everyone is looking for ways to maintain social distancing and stay safe. By finding new ways to entice customers, whether through new locations or through the exciting introduction of a luxury suite designed to float alone on the water, the hotel industry can strive to continue to provide the secluded experience that looks set to rise even further in demand as we move beyond COVID-19 and into the new future of travel.

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