The most expensive yachts available to rent


Your holiday is a time to do something you might otherwise not be able to do.

It could be to swim every morning before breakfast. It could be to spend time finally reading and finishing that book you’ve been saving for months. It could be to try new cuisines and experience new cultures. Or it could be to spend a few days living the lifestyle that you always dreamed of.

Renting a yacht, like many other luxurious and high end activities, is an experience reserved for those lucky enough to be able to afford it. This article takes the concept of a luxurious experience and elevates it, looking at just a handful of the world’s most expensive yachts to rent – with many of them topping over one million dollars per week.

What would you do if you had $1 million? Would you rent a yacht for a week?

This is where we find ourselves in mega yacht territory. These are the yachts which take the more affordable concept of a floating suite or hotel room on water, and give it such a facelift that the experience is almost unrecognisable – emanating more of a complete 5 star hotel than a mere boat with high end amenities and facilities.

Boasting everything from cinemas to full sized pools, bars, basketball courts and underwater viewing rooms, these are the yachts which grace the covers of magazines and which regularly serve the most rich and famous among us.

One for the Family

Sitting at 136m long, the ‘Flying Fox’ is the world’s largest mega yacht for hire and was launched in 2019 from Germany for her virgin cruise. With 11 suites and space for up to 22 guests, the cost to rent the ‘Flying Fox’ is available only on request, concealing her true value and leaving us only able to guess exactly how much you would have to part with to spend time on board.

With the 12m swimming pool, split-level spa, jacuzzi and special scuba diving room all included in the price however, we can only assume that this yacht – perfect for families – comes at a real cost.

One for Entertaining

The ‘Lady S’ sits at 93m long with a streamlined design which makes her the stylish accompaniment to the perfect party. This vessel is typically regarded as the world’s best-equipped charter yacht, essentially telling us (and you) that the ‘Lady S’ really can cater to every need, demand, and whim.

The interior of the yacht has been designed to replicate the inside of a jewellery box with tons of shimmering surfaces, while the swimming pool and two helipads mean you will never be without activities on-board.

Best for Long Distance Trips

This could mean you want to hire her for longer – it could simply mean you want to push your hire to the edges of the world and explore as much as you can. Either way, ‘Tranquility’ is often viewed as the one to watch for long distance trips, with her 92m featuring a motor for ease of travel, a spa for relaxing on the high seas, and tons of glass exterior to give you the full benefit of enjoying the passing scenery atop and below the water.

Rent per week of the ‘Tranquility’ sits at $1.25 million plus expenses, offering guests who can afford it with the perfect way to spend a week on the water.

Best for the Celebrity Lifestyle

This yacht, named ‘Kismet’ and sitting at 95m long, was chartered in 2019 by Beyonce. Yes, this is THAT kind of yacht. Designed with an incredible attention to detail which throws together complimentary interior shades and colours and celebrates the best of comfortable and high end decorative features, the ‘Kismet’ oozes luxury throughout its design.

The $1,354,500 per week to rent includes a winter garden, a plunge pool, basketball court, two full sized pools, an art deco bar, and so much more.

Best for active holidays

Our final mega yacht, ‘Here Comes The Sun’ is designed around activity, and at 83m long boasts an incredible 900 square metres of outdoor decking space. Most of the water sporting equipment and toys are kept on board for users to enjoy during their rental period, while the main deck is also home to a pool and plenty of sun loungers to serve those who wish to remain on board and not partake in other activities.

A small slice of luxury

When it comes to our readers, we know that most will be reading this with an eye to another world. This article really expresses and shows how the other half live – but that’s not to say that there aren’t more affordable and accessible ways of enjoying a luxurious and high end experience on the water. Adharia luxury floating suites may not offer the same level of space as the yachts above, but what they do offer is a small slice of luxury aboard your very own floating suite – suitable for any kind of waterway be it ocean, river, canal or reservoir.

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