Reasons we love the Middle East


When asked what we remember most about our last holiday abroad, the range of answers can be quite staggering – from the cultures to the flavor explosions, views and scenery, and the people we meet along the way. And while most destinations offer some if not all of these different experiences suitable for any kind of traveler, none offers an experience quite so immersive as the Middle East.

The Water and Activities

Situated on the border of a number of different seas and oceans, one of the most striking and immediate things to note about the Middle East is its links with water – from the cityscape beaches of Dubai, to the water sports on offer off the Turkish coastline . And of course, proximity to water means the chance to experience new places and cultures on both land and sea.

Some of the finest hotels and resorts in the Middle East boast spectacular views over the water as one of their selling points, with Dubai in particular drawing in hoards of high end and luxury travelers every year. Likewise, other countries like Oman and Yemen also share an entire border with the ocean, each attracting their own type of tourist as they seek to fill a gap in the market which encompasses the immersive culture of the Middle East with the memorable and innovative experiences that tourists now expect wherever they go.

One of the best ways to do this is to allow guests a chance to enjoy the wonders of the Middle East from the water itself – quite literally reversing the famous ocean views and instead giving tourists a chance to look upon the grandeur of the waterfront as it comes alive throughout the day and during the evening. While sunset boat tours and excursions have long been a part of Middle Eastern tourism, Adharia is one such company offering more of a permanent fixture for guests to take part in, placing their entire stay atop the water in one of Adharia’s uniquely designed luxury floating suites which is completely self-sufficient, zero impact for the environment, and offering the very finest in experience and luxury.

Once away from their luxury suite, guests can enjoy typical tourist activities such as snorkelling, water parks, water sports and other facilities – safe in the knowledge that they can resort back to the safe and comfortable cocoon of their floating hotel when they wish. An intimate and luxurious experience quite unlike any other.

Food and Culture

And of course, with seascapes and beaches come a certain expectation about the food available in a place, particularly drawing on the treasures from the ocean paired with the infamous spices and herbs we recognize as an integral part of Middle Eastern culture. Tours are available across the tourist traps of the Middle East, with Dubai in particular being iconic for its top quality restaurant and eateries dotted along the beaches and deep within the city itself, alongside street food options and fast food outlets.

Other things to love and look for in the Middle East include the intricate architecture and attention to detailed design across churches and other old buildings inside the cities; gradually dropping away as you venture further outside and lose the skyscrapers in favor of mountains, hills and sand dunes instead.

All in all, the Middle East is a last of infinite adventure, where the views are as famous as the celebrities, and the fusion of high end luxury and street side culture makes for a really immersive and unique experience for any kind of traveler.

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