Luxurious Island Retreats that you NEED to know about


When you’ve got annual leave to take or you’re looking for an extra special holiday, there’s something very appealing about the tranquillity and intimacy of an island retreat. From the movies to celebrity gossip magazines, every insight we get into the lives of the rich and famous shows them living it up on a private island – and as such luxurious island retreats jump on our list of must-try experiences.

The following retreats are some of the most memorable, magical, and expensive retreats in the world – and if you ever get a chance to visit one, hop on that plane without delay.

Miavana, Madagascar

Forget the kids’ cartoon movie; switch the TV off and leave the zoo animals behind. This island retreat is so exclusive that most people haven’t even heard of it – and that’s why it made the top of our list of ultra-luxurious retreats. For those with the money and the time to go off-grid and disappear for a couple of weeks, Miavana boasts the highest possible level of service and accommodation that opens right out onto your very own private stretch of paradise.
Miavana also presents an incredible opportunity to experience the Madagascan wildlife in its home habitat, with each of the 14 villas offering infinite amounts of space and an endless list of activities to keep you busy all day.

Bawah Reserve, Indonesia

There’s nothing better than an island that can only be reached by seaplane – except of course a seaplane experience which delivers the same level of service you can expect for your entire trip. A Bawah Reserve representative will meet you at the airport and accompany you on your seaplane to the island, before introducing you to the 6 islands, 3 lagoons, and 13 beaches that make up the entire reserve. Believe us, there is no shortage of space and isolation at this private retreat.

Wellbeing and sustainability lie at the heart of every activity and touchpoint in the Bawah Reserve experience, with all 35 villas on the reserve offering activities and opportunities to tap into your own health and mental wellbeing. Each guest is invited to set their own goals and achieve their own breakthroughs on the reserve with the support of staff and team members. A real treat for the mind and body (but not such a treat for your wallet!)

Kokomo, Fiji

An island located just off the fourth largest coral reef in the world, Kokomo boasts all the private island luxury that you would expect from Fiji – but with more activities and experiences than you could ever imagine. For those seeking a vacation off the beaten track, Kokomo is a private island which offers an authentic look at life in Fiji – factoring sustainability into the meal service, the accommodation options, and the different activities on offer.

Each villa and apartment on the island offers plenty of space for a family to live comfortably, or you can keep your oasis for just you and a loved one on an intimate vacation. Kokomo also offers a wellness sanctuary for those seeking a complete overhaul and removal from everyday life, and even a private yacht which offers the kind of once in a lifetime experience you won’t find in most other resorts. Top tip from us: fishing from the private yacht is unlike anything else you could imagine!

The Brando, French Polynesia

French Polynesia is renowned for its waterside accommodation and spectacular clear oceans, by The Brando takes this one step further. Founded and designed by Marlon Brando, this island resort has been uniquely created to capture the natural beauty of French Polynesia in a completely unspoilt way – heralding sustainability and an eco-friendly footprint. By pausing development and only introducing new elements that will optimise the experience of his guests, Brando has managed to recreate the feeling he got upon first visiting the island again and again for guests from all over the world – and that’s just the start.

The Brando and the experiences it offers focus on restoring a sense of calm – that’s why almost all activities are non-motorised, to include Paddleboarding and kayaking. When it comes to food and drink, the options are varied despite there only being 35 villas on the entire island, with 3 restaurants, 2 bars, and in-villa dining available to all guests. The perfect opportunity to rewind and bring yourself back into the present, while enjoying the company of your travel companion and a limited number of other guests.

Zaya Nurai Island, UAE

The final must-see island on our list is Zaya Nurai Island, located in the United Arab Emirates and oozing the same opulence you would expect from Dubai and Abu Dhabi – but with none of the traffic, hustle and bustle. The island is just a short journey from Abu Dhabi, and yet the removal from city life that you experience during that boat ride is unforgettable – taking you further into the sea and towards your very own stretch of paradise.

This island is all about space, relaxation and glamour, with everything from the activities to the food offering indulgence and peace. Family groups are welcome and there is a dedicated kids club on site to keep little ones occupied while parents explore the tranquil setting and relax by the pool or in the spa. A fairytale trip that illuminates all the senses and makes for the perfect Instagram shot!

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