The impact of COVID19 on the Hotel Industry – and how Adharia can help your company to pull through


The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic has hit the tourism and hospitality industry hard, with all modes of transport and areas of travel largely suspended throughout the pandemic. This has inevitably had a negative impact on most companies and organisations across the industry, with hotels seeing empty rooms and crossed out bookings at a time when travel is generally at its highest; economies and tourist hotspots struggling to cope without their annual holidaymaker income; and international transport quite literally being run into the ground with a lack of passengers and a flood of refund requests.

Of course, while the immediate effects are still being felt, now is the time to turn to the future – to understanding the long term impact, coming to terms with the way that the hotel industry has to adapt, and seeking out new ways of attracting visitors who may still be wary of travel, confined hotel spaces and unknown experiences.

What does the future look like for the hotel industry?

While we may be moving towards a new normal with hotels finally being allowed to open their doors, the regulations and limits in place will no doubt ensure that the new normal is almost unrecognisable – at least for the foreseeable future. Face masks, social distancing measures and limited capacity attractions are all set to hit travel companies, and our response as an industry needs to not only follow restrictions but also reassure travellers that their stay with us is as safe as it can be.

And what better way to achieve that then by promising them an exclusive suite far from the contact of other guests and hoards of travellers?

Exploring the benefits of Adharia amid a shifting hotel industry

With an Adharia luxury floating suite, you not only get a portable hotel suite ideally suited for life on the water, but you also get one of the most unique experiences currently available in the hotel industry. You get luxury amenities and facilities, which provide the very best guest experiences and also support the eco-friendly design and build of the floating suites; making them completely self-sufficient and able to be placed among natural surroundings without leaving any sign of forced or manmade negative impact.

What you also get is a chance to let your guests experience nature at its very heart – leaving behind their everyday lives, the worries of COVID-19 and its effects – and enjoy an immersive stay among local plant life and wildlife.

And for those hotels still reeling at the travel restrictions and unsure how to attract an audience they don’t usually cater to – their local audience – Adharia suites are unique and attractive enough that even the most local resident will want to give it a try to experience the premium opulence and luxury of life on the water.

Ideally suited for use on rivers, canals, lakes and even the ocean, an Adharia suite provides both new and seasoned visitors to your resort with an experience they will never forget – one which will solidify your hotel as one of the most innovative and exciting experiences out there, and one which respects the worldwide regulations enough to give every guest group their very own piece of nature with no external contact.

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