If you’re already bagged yourself a Covid-19 vaccine, THIS is where you can go


Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or to pick up valuable inspiration and experience ideas from other resorts, if you can prove you’ve had the Covid-19 vaccine then your journey should be plain sailing – provided you pick the right destination.

The vaccine has brought relief and joy to travelers of all ages, with countries all over the world rolling out their own vaccine program first to the elderly, then to key workers, and gradually expanding the coverage to the younger population in stages. The hope is that, in just a few short months, the vaccine coverage will be wide enough to start supporting the hospitality industry and global travel once again.

So, who is already responding to the vaccine effort, and using it as an opportunity to open borders to those who have already received the jab?

How will it work?

Over the last year, the only allowance for travel has been granted to those with a negative Covid-19 test and plans in place which allow them to quarantine on arrival at their destination. The vaccine program has seen some countries already stating that it will soon be enough to simply present proof of the vaccine rather than a negative test and quarantine – a fact which will make international travel seem a whole lot more attractive to travellers.

With that said, not everywhere is so open to relaxing their border regulations with the rollout of the vaccine, so it’s important to know and understand where you can travel to and what you need.

Where can you travel to after having the vaccine

Before we dive into the countries and destinations offering travel to those who have been vaccinated, it’s worth noting that without a globally accepted vaccine passport, regulations and rules are still very much decided and managed on a local basis, and so travellers will need to make themselves aware of the exact restrictions in place within their destination of travel.

Greece – Greece is one of the countries embracing an open approach, stating that they will accept international visitors from 14th May provided they can prove they have had the vaccine, have a negative test result, or have antibodies.

Cyprus – Cyprus have already started laying dates in place, with vaccinated Israeli travellers (who have received both doses more than a week before travelling) welcome to travel from 1st April. British travellers meanwhile will be welcome to travel from 1st May, though travellers will need to note that the UK’s own ban on international travel extends to the middle of May.

Belize – if you’ve had both doses of the vaccine, you’re welcome to travel to Belize – with or without a negative test result as well.

Portugal – Some of the biggest tourism to Portugal comes from UK travellers, looking for culture, natural experiences, and an immersive exploration of the best food and drink. As such, Portugal have tied their border relax date in with that of the UK’s own international travel ban, allowing UK travellers to enter the country from 17th May provided they can present proof of having had both doses of the vaccine. Portugal was removed from the UK’s own red list of countries at the end of March.

Poland – Poland have implemented quite a complex plan of different rules for different countries however the main note is that from now, anyone who is travelling from a country on Poland’s green list, and who has been vaccinated, will be exempt from having to quarantine on arrival.

Estonia – Estonia is one of the only countries accepting those who have received a single dose of the vaccine as sufficient immunity, as well as those who have recovered from Covid within 6 months of travelling.

Iceland – Those who wish to enter Iceland must present either a vaccination certificate, or proof that they have had Covid-19 and have since recovered. This will render them exempt from the quarantine and testing restrictions in place.

Romania – Romania has adopted the same regulation as Iceland, in allowing those with the vaccine or proof of Covid recovery, to enter the country.

Seychelles – The Seychelles has stated that from the end of March 2021, any traveller will be able to enter the country regardless of their state of vaccination – one of the only countries to do so.

Thailand – Thailand is still in the deciding stages of its own vaccination and travel policy however it has been suggested that they will start admitting vaccinated tourists from July 2021.

Singapore – Again, this is all still in the deciding stages, but it is looking like Singapore will soon be relaxing its travel restrictions to any and all travellers who have received the vaccine.

Until a more permanent filtering system is in place, and until the world has concrete proof of the vaccines ability to halt the virus, local regulations will continue to drive forward where and how we can travel – regardless of whether we are staying in a hustling and bustling resort, a private villa, or even a secluded luxury floating suite.

Our top tip is to keep your eye on local guides and ensure that you know the policy not just for your holiday destination but also for your return back home.

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