How to stop social media from spoiling your holiday


How many times have you seen guests moving about a hotel or a destination; not taking in their surrounding and revelling in the natural beauty, but instead looking for the perfect backdrop for their next Instagram picture? Social media may be a great tool for advertising and sharing those wonderfully unique viewpoints and sights, but if it starts to affect a guests’ enjoyment of their own holiday, is it really worth it?

Think back for a moment at the last picture you shared on social media – why did you choose it? Was it an accurate representation of what was going on or how you were feeling or was it something that you knew would make you look good or more glamorous?

The fact is, social media is taking over our lives – and in many cases, is no longer serving us in the way it used to. Images are becoming fake, young people are putting too much focus into creating picture-perfect lives, and influencers are pushing followers into spending more on products and experiences that they don’t need – simply so that they can capture a good photo.

  1. Put your phone down

The beauty of a luxurious stay in nature is that often, the signal is so bad that your phone is rendered useless anyway. Instead of checking your phone and seeing that the signal has dropped then moaning about it, consider how this could in fact be a good thing. Without the need to check your phone every few minutes, perhaps you could revel in the beauty of what is around you – rather than how it looks through the lens of your camera phone.

Our Adharia floating suites create a luxury experience which is unique for all who enjoy it – depending on where they go and how the surroundings shift through the course of a day or a season. Our advice? Take all the pictures you want – but wait until you’re back on dry land before you start sharing them.

  1. Move away from comparison

You will never be able to enjoy anything if you are constantly comparing your situation with that of someone else. Instead of looking at other people’s holidays and wondering what they are doing, live in the moment and focus on the incredible things that you can do in your chosen resort.

  1. Make a plan of all the amazing things you can do

To avoid you picking up your phone and scrolling through social media when you’re at a loose end and looking for inspiration during your trip, make a plan of amazing things you can do on your trip before you get there. Having a basic outline of what is available and when you might be able to fit it in will keep you so busy that you won’t need to go looking for inspiration online or anywhere else! And if you do decide to use social media to check out the local attractions, focus on the experiences rather than the people posting about them.

  1. Be authentic

We often see people talking about how social media is full of fake smiles and the filtered areas of perfection in life – but until we take a stand and stop posting those kinds of images, how is it ever going to change? Understand that you can be a part of the change for good – you have to commit to adjusting the way you view social media, and use it as a chance to be authentic rather than joining the array of fake images and posed smiles.

  1. Reignite your passion for travel

Stop planning holidays just for Instagram pictures. Reignite your passion for travel for travel’s sake – that is, opportunities and retreats which break your dependence on social media and instead let you revel in the beauty that is nature and natural surroundings. Here at Adharia luxury floating suites, a big part of what we offer is a sustainable experience where guests can step away from modern technology and electronics, and instead focus on the simplicity of being outside.

Social media, particularly image sharing site Instagram, offers a platform for sharing images, stories, and ideas for travel and so much more beyond. However, as we become more and more reliant on social media to buoy us up and make us appear as if we lead the perfect life, we start to lose sight of what really matters. Your holiday should be an opportunity for you to escape the norms of everyday life – so on your next trip, consider if social media may in fact be hampering that goal.

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