How staying among nature benefits mental health


We’ve all heard it before. If you’re struggling to focus or concentrate; find that you’re not sleeping well, or else are constantly feeling tired, the number one tip is to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and engage in a little light exercise.

And when it comes to luxury travel, we certainly condone at least two of those top tips (the exercise on the other hand is entirely optional and will depend on every guests’ interpretation of “holiday”!)

As many long-time experts in the hospitality industry will know, some of the most well-travelled individuals are those who find themselves wrapped up in stress throughout the duration of their daily lives. These are the people who head online to hunt down the most luxurious hotel stays and resorts around the world. But can you ever really feel that different or more relaxed if you spend your downtime in a hotel room on the other side of the world?

The fact is, getting outside is fundamentally good for your health – both physical and mental. And the new perspectives which a little time among nature can provide you with are valuable in more ways than one, allowing you to take a step back and focus on what really matters.

The top benefits to spending time among nature

With the hospitality industry fast expanding to include more ways to support the environment, and more ways to experience nature in the most immersive and unique ways possible, what better option for a luxury holiday than to spend time in your own piece of natural heaven?

From treehouses high above the land, to water-based luxury suites floating alongside the land, some of the most innovative hotel stays allow you to literally pick your life up and drop it in the middle of nature’s wonder; experiencing habitats, wildlife and the changing seasons from their very core.

So, how does that help your mental health?

For one thing, it helps your mind and brain to offload and calm down. Studies have found that even just looking at the colour green is enough to help individuals to feel better and more relaxed, with many finding that a little time out among nature actually helps them to become more productive in the long run.

The value of Vitamin D is another benefit of getting out and about, with the sunshine not only leaving guests with an envious tan, but also improving their mood – something which can only serve to elevate their holiday experience, and leave them feeling satisfied with their stay.

What the industry can do to help

Of course, there are only so many outdoor activities and suggestions you can make to guests, and there will always be those with little interest in the nature that surrounds them. That is until you drop them right into the heart of it.

Innovation is the best driver of today’s hospitality success, with only the most unique luxury hotels gaining the following that so many deserve. Our suggestion? Spend time appreciating the outside of your resort and hotel, and look for new ways in which you can immerse guest experiences into your own natural space.

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