How Adharia Luxury Floating Suites are breaking norms


From the moment a guest enters the vicinity and grounds of your hotel, the primary goal for any hotel company or resort provider is for those guests to take a step back and say “wow”; losing themselves in the experience which you have created, through clever use of space, natural surroundings, and buildings set with grandeur and creativity.

However, in a world where hotels all over the world are breaking boundaries and creating immersive new experiences in all sorts of unique ways, finding and creating that “wow” factor is becoming increasingly difficult. It all centres around the offering of something which can’t be found anywhere else – whether that means showering your guests with unrivalled luxury, providing unique experiences, or dropping them into an environment that can’t be replicated.

With Adharia Luxury Floating Suites, you get all that – and more.

By breaking the norm and offering an exclusive chance for guests to experience the finest luxury on board their very own floating vessel, Adharia luxury floating suites take the finest in hotel offerings and put them into a brand-new setting – creating that “wow” which is increasingly hard to find.

Of course, that’s not to say that luxury on the water doesn’t already exist – with 5 star cruise ships, luxury yachts and sailing vessels all offering their very own slice of natural beauty from the surface of the water. But Adharia takes that one step further, breaking through the barrier which relegates the best possible service to dry land, and instead offering it from the very first guest touchpoint right through their stay – with a high end welcome lounge fitted with a bar and prompt service from professional bar staff, and complete support whenever it is required.

An Adharia luxury floating suite also provides the intimacy and privacy that prior water-based solutions lack; offering an entire suite which sits on its own piece of water, complete with its own jacuzzi, outdoor seating area, and luxury amenities – both manmade, technologically advanced, and celebrating the finest natural surroundings. Whether your guests travel as a family, a couple, or choose to experience your hotel solo, what Adharia promises is an experience that will stay with them long after they leave your site – representing the very best in innovation and revolution, with a stay which lasts the test of time.

What does this mean for hotel owners and resorts?

Adharia Luxury Floating Suites is a revolution in 5 star accommodation – breaking the boundaries that hospitality has previously followed, and instead taking the best possible hotel rooms to the water. Suitable for everything from lakes to river, seascapes and canals, the floating suites adapt themselves to your environment without leaving behind any negative impact – thanks to their eco-friendly and self-sufficient design – and give your guests the chance to completely lose themselves in the surroundings offered by your hotel – leaving behind the real world and becoming immersed in life with Adharia.

In short, it means that finally, you have a chance to elevate your hotel offering and reach new heights – and new audiences – without ever breaking ground or impacting the environment around you.

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