Guide to world’s most precious private islands


The concept of enjoying your own slice of paradise is one with many branches; from hiring the perfect luxury floating suite as part of the Adharia range, which allows guests to float their way through local waterways taking in the grandeur of the surrounding nature and wildlife from its very heart, to the idea of owning your very own luxury island halfway across the world.

The fact is, experiences which let us immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature are precious and growing increasingly scarce, though no less coveted. The idea of complete privacy and intimacy in our own slice of paradise is one which so many of us strive for, and yet only a select few will ever have the opportunity to call one of the world’s most precious private islands their own – one of the primary reasons why hotels and resorts are now leaning towards exclusive guest offerings such as floating suites which offer that taste of intimate paradise if only for a short while.

But with this isolated paradise becoming ever more in demand, where are the world’s most previous private islands and what makes them so special?

Little Pipe Cay in the Bahamas

Having a private island in the Bahamas may seem like a far off pipe dream for many, but for those who have the money, or for a resort creator intent on designing the perfect island retreat for private guests and large parties, Little Pipe Cay offers all the amenities of a five star holiday experience in the seclusion of an intimate private island. Offering multiple accommodation options for different groups, and with space for building more homes and accommodation spaces should the need arise, the opportunity to use Little Pipe Cay for large group gatherings and smaller parties makes it a versatile purchase for any individual or small business, alongside a readymade staff village and the facilities for tons of different activities and watersports as well.

Marco Island in Canada

Canada is one of the most exciting places on planet Earth, offering incredible forests, ski slopes, raging rivers and idyllic scenery. Perfect for adrenaline hunters, the opportunity own your own piece of Canadian landscape is not one to be overlooked, particularly with the beauty of Marco Island, complete with ocean views and accommodation options hidden behind the trees making it an intimate but easily accessible wonder atop the open ocean.

Patroklos in Greece

Greece has always been super popular with tourists and holidaymakers, who flock there for sparkling blue seas, boat tours, incredible fresh food and the diverse scenery which features sea views, olive groves and sandy beaches. Patroklos is a private island with a difference and would make the perfect holiday space for an individual or a super high end private holiday experience company or resort, currently featuring just four main structures but with the space and potential to build a great expanse of accommodation options for guests, large parties and smaller groups.

Wadigi Island in Fiji

Fiji is renowned for its incredible ocean surroundings, dense forests and volcanic features – and Wadigi Island is no different. One could be forgiven for thinking they have been dropped onto the set of Castaway – were it not for the incredible main villa complete with guest suites and an open air theatre for entertainment value, offering amazing views and a really secluded high end experience.

Horse Island in Ireland

A little less exotic in terms of its local weather, but no less spectacular of beautiful – Horse Island just off the main coast of Ireland is a pure expanse of tranquil countryside and coastal views. The island offers a main house with a series of secondary buildings which could double as practical spaces or guest houses, each giving guests their own private space away from other visitors or residents. This makes Horse Island ideal for private or commercial buyers who see the potential in this incredible rare and secluded island.

If this article teachers you nothing else, at least it shows the potential that can be found in private island sales all over the world – from the far flung corners of exotic paradise, to the secluded grandeur and beauty of areas we may not even consider. As the world shifts towards coveting private and unique experiences, the opportunity to own, rent or simply visit a private space atop the water is one which will become more and more popular – and responding to that is something which hotels and resorts need to consider if they hope to rise to new expectations from potential travellers.

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