Getting Back into the Holiday Mindset


We get it, its been 18 months (or more for many of us) and you’re torn between wanting to dive right into the hotel pool and lose yourself in cocktails and new cultures, and feeling cautious about returning to the hustle and bustle of travel and new places. The pandemic has not only changed the way we interact, work, and approach everyday life, but it has also changed the way we view things which were once so normal.

The question that remains in the minds of many is this – is it too early to start planning your next vacation? Will you be stuck in quarantine or hiding your mouth behind a face mask wherever you go or is it time to get yourself back into holiday mode.

Here are a few tips from us that will help you get ready for Summer 2021 and beyond.

Start Local
Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean going abroad – it can also mean experiencing new places and new things in your home country. The great thing about the so-called staycation is that it presents less travel time, less investment, and an opportunity to go at the last minute rather than requiring weeks of planning and packing to get yourself off the ground.

Staycations can also open your eyes to the beauty of your home country – and after being stuck in lockdown for so long, this is something that many of could certainly benefit from.

Know Your Own Limits
Everyone is adjusting to the return of normality at their own pace, and while some were on the first flight out of their home country, others will want to give it some time and let the dust settle. Know that whatever you decide, you are not allowed – and when you decide the time is right for you, cocktails and new experiences will be waiting.

TOP TIP: Why not bring your holiday home to kickstart that holiday mindset, with a garden pool or a mini bar?

Let Yourself Relax
We’re all in the same boat, and everyone will be feeling some form of anxiety around the virus, the pandemic, and new experiences. Getting yourself in the mindset for holiday is all about switching off from everyday life and losing yourself in relaxation and excitement – and you shouldn’t let the pandemic change that for you.

Choose Wisely
Do your research and pick a vacation spot which offers the kind of support and restrictions which make you feel more comfortable and confident about travelling there. This will make your entire experience a lot more enjoyable!

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