Exploring the world’s greatest waterside retreats – and what makes them so special


It’s one thing to find yourself in a waterside retreat, complete with unobstructed views; often with the most luxurious suites set high up on the top floors of the hotel in order to offer the greatest views with complete privacy. But it’s another thing entirely to be given the chance to stay right on the water – getting rid of that distance, and instead providing an immersive environment which is there to be experienced, rather than just viewed from afar.

The point is any hotel which can boast water views has already got a big tick from many travelers – both luxurious and otherwise. Water means freedom; an escape from the everyday, and one of the best examples of a view which is never the same from one glance to the next. Water provides life to so much of nature that a chance to live among it, even for just a night, is a privilege which is becoming increasingly coveted – with different opportunities for waterside stays popping up across the world.

What makes waterside hospitality a retreat in its own right?

Before we dive into the beauty of a waterside suite, let’s first consider what makes any waterside stay so special. After all, staying by the water doesn’t just mean great views – it also means great food, a freshness which cannot be matched anywhere inland, and a plethora of activities right at your guests’ fingertips.

From the beaches of California, to the cliffs of the UK South Coast; the rivers of Italy and the lakes of Slovenia; all of these tourist hotspots embrace the water in their own unique way and provide hotel experiences perfectly tailored to their target audience. And whether that be unlimited access to activities, picture perfect views and restaurants, or the most luxurious amenities, what makes them the best retreats on the market is their attention to detail and use of the space they are given.

Of course, as countries and cities around the world continue to strive for waterside excellence, the industry is constantly looking for something new to come in and break down barriers.

Adharia floating suites promise an experience which hasn’t yet been replicated. Of course, boats have been around for centuries, and cruise ships are a phenomenon which hit their peak decades ago – today offering a high class but relatively ordinary experience. What Adharia does is take the luxury and glamor of a cruise ship, with the exclusivity of a yacht, and combine them into the peak waterside retreat stay.

Designed to be completely self-sufficient, the beauty of an Adharia floating suite is that all those obstructions between your guests and your environment are removed. Co-existing alongside the wildlife and plant life of your local water source, whether it be the ocean, a lake, river or canal, your guests can enjoy the very finest in luxury facilities, from the comfort of their own intimate vessel.

Each suite features its own sun deck, jacuzzi, and eco-friendly water system which provides both drinking water and a flushing toilet – with zero impact on the environment. And best of all? Adharia luxury suites have been uniquely designed to integrate with the natural surroundings and provide a waterside experience that guests will never forget.

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