Adharia Uncovered: Words with the CEO


We all crave connection, whether it be with our loved ones, with our work, or with the natural world around us. As a brand, Adharia has grown from a concept to a real-world solution which meets the demand for peace and tranquility; all wrapped up in a luxurious floating retreat.

The Adharia brand we know today is one built on sustainable luxury, but where did it all begin? We caught up with the Adharia CEO to hear a little more about what the brand is striving to do, and where Adharia is going.

Adharia’s CEO joined the company with a background in Civil Engineering, having been involved in various family business projects spanning across the Engineering and Construction industries. With a keen eye for development and innovative detail, Mr Corrado Negri has been able to put his vast real estate knowledge to use across his work with Adharia, breeding a passion for hospitality both as a business and as an opportunity to explore new ways of bringing values ​​to a consumer audience.

Q: What was the inspiration behind Adharia, and how has the idea changed as it has been brought to life?

A lot of what you can see in the Adharia brand and product offering today is down to technological advance and innovation – and with a clear path in the roadmap. The design and launch of Adharia have always been reflected in and around eco-sustainability, with both Founders intent on creating something that brings people even closer to the nature that they are so eager to connect with and immerse themselves in. Of course, one of our major USP’s is the fact that all our units and modules can be moved around at will. It is this which truly gives Adharia Luxury Floating Suites an edge, and is the one thing which has remained consistent throughout – the idea of ​​having a luxury suite which can move around and be transported across luxurious locations, allowing us to draw on high-end hospitality and pair it with awe-inspiring surroundings.

The ideas around build and construction have changed as more concepts and innovations became available and possible to us – and since the conception of the brand, we are also pleased to have expanded further into residential complexes which offer the same luxurious hotel-like stay to people on a permanent basis.

Q: Who are your Adharia suites created for?

We aren’t the kind of brand to create mood boards and caricatures of the kind of people we want to attract. We believe that every individual has their own definition of luxury and sustainability, and it is our goal to deliver a high-end solution which can be enjoyed by those committed to our values ​​at the very top level. Adharia delivers a kind of hospitality experience which is built on sensory and emotional interactions, taking on the romance of a boat ride or a cruise and giving it the kind of makeover which can only enhance an already magical experience.

That said, there are certain limitations which come with any high-end experience, and so it follows that those most likely to enjoy our Adharia suites in the early stages are those from a high-spend audience who are particularly interested in paying premium prices for experiences which are still regarded as unique and one of a kind.

Q: As CEO, what is your favorite thing about the Adharia Floating Suites?

This is where I get to wear my two different hats – that of an Investor and that of a Customer. As an Investor, the concept and possibility of being able to change the location of the luxury suites give this brand the kind of USP that little other hospitality brands can offer. Every experience is different, depending on the waterway or ground that the suite is positioned on, and from a business perspective the opportunity that that opens up for the brand is very exciting. I also think, from a business point of view, that the eco-sustainable nature of the floating suites is something which cannot be overlooked. The versatility around the design and styling of these suites, combined with the fact that they are designed to have a zero-emission carbon footprint, means that they truly could be the future of the hospitality industry.

Q: Why should people look for an Adharia suite when they book a holiday?

Again, this is where I get to really express the grandeur of Adharia’s floating suites from a consumer standpoint. After all, it is consumers that we are all working towards attracting, and so as CEO of the company they are always at the forefront of my mind in what we are offering to them and how we are offering it.

The Adharia luxury floating suites create an uncompromising experience which enjoys direct contact with some of the world’s most natural, beautiful, and ever-changing environments. Any waterway, regardless of whether it is a reservoir, a river, or the ocean, is constantly changing – and this kind of movement is soothing for so many consumers. It breathes life into even the stillest days, and it provides a sense of calm that our interior and exterior designs only seek to further enhance.

Finally, with the 2020 pandemic, people’s attitudes towards holidays and hotels are shifting. Adharia is ahead of the curve in that what we are offering allows for and even revels in social distancing. This could well be the future that all hospitality is moving towards.

Q: At the moment, Adharia supplies floating suites to hoteliers. Are there any plans to open an exclusive Adharia retreat or resort?

When I think about Adharia and its future, one of the key things that stands out for me is the versatility that the brand offers. By allowing the suites to be moved around freely and attached to different hotel and hospitality offerings, consumers are able to experience the luxury of an Adharia suite from all manner of different environments and surroundings. We reimagine the allocation of space and create new levels of guest experiences – giving consumers more space to design the holiday of their choice.

Three words which set Adharia apart in the industry are Nature, Intimacy, and Uniqueness. We stand by those words, and any future plans for the company will only be actioned should they fall into those three main categories and areas of focus.

Q: Where would you really love to see an Adharia floating suite?

For me, the beauty of Adharia’s floating suites is the fact that they make the impossible, possible. Natural surroundings and environments where a typical or traditional hotel is not possible, can be opened up through an Adharia suite. And so I think that the natural step for Adharia is to move towards environments which are untouched by hospitality – for example the great lakes of Africa.

Q: What has the global pandemic taught you, and how has it changed the way you work?

Great tragedies bring about both challenges and opportunities. Adharia offers a concept which meets both the current social distancing guidelines but will also match the needs of travellers in the future, as more and more consumers look for exclusive, unique, and intimate experiences to enjoy. Combine that with our sustainability promise, and Adharia is a brand which is well equipped for the future – and the present.

Q: What is your top leadership tip as the CEO of an experience-based brand?

I always strive to work with my team rather than working above them and ensure that everything we are doing is in line with the desires of key stakeholders. Leadership does not come from authority but from inspiration – and I believe it is my job to utilise the individual skills of my entire team and present them with opportunities to grow.

Adharia Luxury Floating Suites combine innovative sustainability solutions with high end and luxurious designs, to present immersive waterway stays suitable for small groups, families, and couples. Capturing the importance of unique experiences amid growing global demand for things which are new and immersive but which still present high-end luxury, Adharia suites can be installed across any waterway on a global scale. Get in touch for more information on bringing your waterfront to life.

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