Adharia Luxury Floating Suites – Truly “zero impact” homes that respect nature


What does it mean to be a “zero impact” home?

Essentially, to be “zero impact” means to exist and live in harmony with the natural world around you; taking nothing away from the environment and having no lasting impact which could be seen as negative. And for most of the high end hotel experiences around the world, creating the ultimate “home from home” for guests is the pinnacle of a top level hotel experience.

We all have our own interpretation of what it is to live in luxury, whether that be a fantastically uninterrupted view, high end amenities and facilities, or access to the most luxurious and comfortable surroundings. To find that luxury, we scour the world in search of the finest hotels and the most highly regarded locations, often indulging in long-haul flights and incurring travel expenses which stretch beyond our wallets and prove costly for the environment.

But what if we told you that you could still have all of that luxury – packed into a “zero impact” pod which not only respects nature but exists right in the heart of it?

The worldwide launch of the Adharia Luxury Floating Suites marks a revolution of what hotels and their guests are now looking for. In a world where the environment is constantly and regularly reported as under threat, innovations and solutions which provide the luxury experiences we crave, in ways which allow us to co-exist in harmony with nature, are both coveted and high in popularity. And with the Adharia Luxury Floating Suites, not only are you having zero impact on the natural world, but you are also staying right in the heart of it; getting up close with wildlife, plant life and the serenity of life on the water.

So, why choose Adharia?

Whether your hotel is located on the banks of a river, the edge of a lake, or hidden among an oasis of forests and pools, a luxury Adharia suite gives your guests access to their own piece of water-based paradise, complete with its own jacuzzi, open-plan indoor spaces and an outdoor patio which enjoys its own uninterrupted views protected with privacy barriers when required.

In addition to the eco-friendly and self-sufficient design, the suites do not require a land-based infrastructure and come equipped with a photovoltaic system – also known as a solar power system – and the water purification and toilet system supported by phytoremediation – technologies which use living plants to clean up the air, soil and water as a means of filtration. All of these built-in systems respect the environment and are customized to support a luxurious style of living on the land – a concept enhanced by its unique format and unforgettable promise of a high-end experience.

For hotels looking to expand their offering and provide guests with an option to indulge in an experience which is both private and intimate, yet also entirely open to the surroundings, the Adharia Luxury Floating Suites are perfect – offering a unique blend of modern luxuries with untouched beauty and portable practicality.

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