Adharia Luxury Floating Suites – Redefining Luxury in the Hotel Industry


The defining feature of any luxury hotel is what makes it memorable. From the finest experience to the grandest entrance; the most comfortable stay to the highest quality finishes and facilities – what your guest takes home with them is what defines you as a hotel brand. 

With Adharia’s luxury floating suites, the hotel world is about to change forever. 

Imagine a hotel suite which is not only quiet, but completely private. Confined to its own space on the water, surrounded by the very best views and offering the most exclusive glimpse into the natural world and all its glory. 

Adharia luxury suites are built to unite the concept of luxury and the beauty of nature in complete harmony, redefining what it means to provide a 5 * experience and giving every guest their very own unique experience to treasure. 

How do the luxury floating suites work?

A concept which in turn seems so complex and yet looks so simple, deserves to become a success in its own right. 

Designed to integrate with the natural world around them, the beauty of the Adharia luxury hotel suites is that there is no right or wrong way to dress them. From seascapes to rivers, lakes and reservoirs, the suite may be the design feature, but the backdrop is all yours. 

All the Adharia luxury suites are designed uniquely and specifically; with each respecting the natural environment completely. Suites are all self-sufficient when it comes to energy consumption with zero carbon footprint, and highly customized with the most innovative of solutions – ensuring that right in the heart of nature every guest can enjoy their own slice of luxury. 

The Logistics behind the luxury hotel suites

Covering 75 square meters, each floating suite is made of 6 modules of a container size each, completely modular, personalized and easily transported like any other large container, before being launched into a water world. As such, Adharia luxury suites are quickly becoming vastly popular all over the world, not just for the luxury finish and unique experience, but for the logistical ease through which any hotel around the world can use them. 

Exploring the Adharia luxury suites

A diamond at the heart of the hotel industry, Adharia luxury suites offer so much more than a comfortable bed. 

As the world seeks out technology solutions to every area of ​​life, Adharia are one step ahead – featuring the finest hi-tech innovations across the suites. From high speed internet to fully controlled air temperature, lighting and entertainment, step back and hand your guests complete control. 

Other services and facilities include

  • Private sun deck 
  • Private entrance
  • Jacuzzi
  • Large 4K OLED TV

An exclusive welcome reception and bar on arrival, to draw your customers in and give them the luxury hotel experience that they have been looking for. 

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