A Guide to Staying Fit While Travelling


Some of us get fit so that when we head off on our holidays and travels, we can let go and indulge in local delicacies and treats, ice creams and cocktails.

Others, meanwhile, view traveling as an opportunity to take in new surroundings, explore new hiking routes and even try our hand at local fitness trends and workout classes.

Whatever it is that you do at home to stay fit, going traveling doesn’t mean it has to stop – just like being away from home doesn’t have to mean that you can’t eat a healthy balanced diet, and being away from the gym doesn’t have to mean you simply let your goals go.

This article looks at some of our top tips for staying fit no matter where in the world you are, and can be achieved anywhere from the sanctity of your own luxury floating suite with limited space, to the large hallways and entranceways of private villas and sandy beaches.

  1. Indulge in a breakfast of champions.

Enjoying a decent-sized breakfast will not only set you up for the day and give you the energy to take on lots of different activities, but it will also keep you from snacking between breakfast and your next meal.

  1. Stay Hydrated

This is super important, particularly if you are traveling to a hot country or planning on getting out and about lots. Water is not only good for our bodies but is also beneficial for our skin and mental wellbeing, making it an excellent all-rounder to focus on.

If you don’t like or are concerned about the local water in the area that you have traveled to, do your research and stock up on bottled water, or else factor more boiled water into your daily routine – with tea boasting its own range of additional benefits.

  1. Make small fitness choices during the day

We know how hard it can be, especially if you have traveled to a five star resort with all-inclusive food and drinks and plenty of sun loungers to kick back and relax on. Very soon, activity and fitness can fall by the wayside, as you prioritise cocktails over crunches.

By making some very small fitness choices throughout the day, however, you can keep your body moving easily. Some of our best suggestions include taking the stairs rather than the lift, taking the long walk round to the pool or restaurant, and taking care to get up and do something every hour – whether it be swimming a few laps of the pool, strolling to the beachside or wandering round the resort.

  1. If you are hungry between meals, stick to protein

One ice-cream a day will soon have you feeling bloated and unlike your usual self. Stick to a protein bar for fuel between meals, particularly if you are out walking or exploring.

  1. Don’t always eat out

Travel and holidays can be an excellent excuse to sample local cuisine and delicacies – but that doesn’t mean you have to eat out for every single meal. Aside from being a whole load more expensive than eating in, meals in restaurants are often made using a whole range of ingredients that you know little about, making it hard to track your calorie intake and pushing you off the fitness rails much more quickly than you might if you cook a few meals for yourself.

  1. Flex while you are moving

This may sound silly, but if you clench your abs and buttocks as you move around, you will immediately be giving your body a much more intense workout than you might think – keeping the muscles working.

  1. Keep it light in the evenings

Just because it is your evening meal, doesn’t mean it has to be the biggest. There is a lot of truth in articles and courses which tell you that breakfast should be your largest meal of the day, giving your body the whole day to digest it while dinner only has a few hours before you settle down to sleep. A large dinner can also impact your quality of sleep, leaving you groggy and far more likely to make unhealthy choices the next day.

  1. Do basic and simple exercises as you watch TV

Getting ready in the room for an evening out offers a new opportunity for working out, with TV time giving you the perfect chance to do a few squats, push ups or crunches.

When it comes to staying fit while traveling, space really is no great factor. You may think that a limited hotel room or floating suite is not large enough for your normal workout, but by adapting and working with what you have, you will quickly find that staying fit can easily be factored into a small part of your day.

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