9 watersports that everyone should try


When it comes to enjoying a waterside holiday or vacation, we often find that customers are divided into a series of categories based on their preferred activity list and the way they use their proximity to the water to optimize their overall experience.

For some, particularly those looking for the luxury of a waterside retreat steeped in elegance and grandeur, staying beside or on the water is a chance to sit back and unwind – enjoying the peace and tranquility of their own private space either through a large hotel resort window view or even from the banks of an innovative luxury floating suite such as those offered by Adharia. That’s not to say that a luxury floating suite doesn’t induce its own sense of adventure; giving customers a chance to experience the beauty of nature right from its very center, on board a self sufficient and zero impact vessel of luxury – which can be used on the ocean, a river, canals and even reservoirs.

But for others, sitting back and watching the world go by is not enough. To be waterside means to be right in the heart of activity and adventure – and with so many popular watersports now available at resorts all over the world, staying somewhere close to the water wouldn’t be a holiday without one of the following top 10 watersports .

1 – Jet Skiing

If you have been to a beach or river that offers jet skiing, you will know about it. Giving users a chance to jet around at speed on board an individual or two-person vessel, jet ski’s are designed to provide adrenaline-enhancing thrills. They’re super responsive so you can move around and change the course of your direction quickly and easily, and with 360 views around you they offer an unrestricted opportunity to explore and enjoy the scenery around you.

2 – Parasailing

Parasailing is one of the best ways to get an aerial view over the area in which you are staying – lifting you into the air using what is essentially a large kite attached to the boat, as high as 1000 feet in some cases. Parasailing is one of those experiences which you will pay a large chunk to enjoy, but which will give you memories for life.

3 – Paddleboarding

One of the calmest and least impactful ways of experiencing the water around you, Paddleboarding lets you move at your own pace as you and your board head up and down rivers and water sources using just a paddle to push you along. Veteran users will find standing up easy and enjoyable, while amateur users can first start on their knees and gradually rise to their feet as they find their balance and experience new ways of keeping themselves steady.

4 – Sailing

If your resort offers sailing, take them up on it. A great way of relaxing and enjoying a good time, sailing is a very sociable activity and makes for an invigorating sport to indulge in. If you are able to hire or borrow sailing boats on your next holiday, go for it.

5 – Kayaking

Another low impact way of enjoying the water at close proximity, a kayak is a way of moving around in a small boat which is entirely controlled by you – letting you choose the speed and the direction. Kayaks are long and thin and extremely stable, allowing you to explore hidden coves and areas at will, all the while keeping you safe and relaxed.

6 – Surfing

Utilizing the best of the water as it breaks the banks of the beach, surfing is a sport which is largely dependent on tides and weather conditions – but get it right and you’ll have a blast. Surfing takes time to master and get the hang of, but trying it out is just as fun as getting it right – and if in doubt, you can always just lie on the surfboard and sweep your way into the shore on a wave.

7 – Scuba Diving

One of the most immersive ways in which you can possibly enjoy the water around you, scuba diving is a privilege afforded to humanity by the invention of oxygen masks and tanks which let us drop to the depths of the ocean and still be able to breathe freely and normally. Scuba diving is always interesting no matter where you are, and lets you really immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and see what happens below the surface.

8 – Water-skiing

Another high intensity and high speed water sport, water skiing is like jet skiing but with more skill involved. Pulled along by a rope at the back of a speed boat, water skiing requires balance and the harmonious use of your arms and legs to hold your body in the correct position to skim atop the water and shift across the wake which comes out the back of the engine. Water skiing is one of the more invasive sports when it comes to impact on the environment and surroundings, but for a short stint is a super fun activity to try out.

9 – Skim boarding

Skim boarding is similar to surfing but on a smaller board which is a little easier to control, letting the user swim out from the shores of the beach and ride the waves back in. Super competitive. Super fun. A great experience to try!

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