5 over the top Butler services you didn’t know you needed


What does your definition of a luxurious holiday look like? Is it the concept of being attended to for your every need and whim, or is it the beauty of enjoying your own high end space surrounded by peace and quiet, as offered by our Adharia luxury floating suites?

Whatever luxury looks like for you, no one can argue with the elevated status afforded to holidays or destinations with a built-in Butler service, with this article looking at five of the most extravagant services that you didn’t know you needed – until now.

The Sun Concierge at Royal Palm Beach, Miami

Have you ever fallen asleep in the sun, only to find that your back is burned to a crisp or your sunglasses have left an undesirable tan line around your eyes? Well, with the sun concierges of Miami, those days are over – boasting a high-end service that delivers a personalised service to every sun lounger owned by the hotel and enjoyed by hotel guests. From reminding you to turn over on regular intervals to delivering frozen fruit and cool water as required, this Butler service not only keeps you hydrated but also ensures you leave with an even tan – creating a memorable experience that is unmatched by most other beach resorts around the world.

The BBQ Butler at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Georgia

This may not scream luxury on the surface, but let us explain it a little further – the BBQ Butler’s job is to ensure that you are able to enjoy the very best American BBQ experience whether you are an amateur BBQ boss or a veteran grill master. From made-to-order cookouts for you and your travelling party to lessons on how to create the perfect chargrilled finish on any cut or kind of meat, having a BBQ butler is the ultimate indulgence – especially in the BBQ capital of the world.

Plus, everything you learn you get to take home with you creating a lasting experience that extends long beyond the finishing point of your holiday.

The Golf Butler at Rosewood CordeValle, California

Keeping with the theme of specialist butlers providing extravagant but highly enjoyable services, the role of Golf Butler is one which creates the perfect golf experience for those drawn to the sport; delivering food on-demand, providing expertise from their fountain of local knowledge, and ensuring guests are primed, prepped and ready for all weather conditions with sunscreen checks and umbrellas. Not only that, but guests can also book other activities such as spa treatments and meals through their Golf Butler and can even get their shoes cleaned and shined – creating an experience which extends far beyond the edge of the course.

Add to that the Californian sunshine and surrounding luxury of the resort as a whole, and what you end up with is a high-quality experience designed to entice even the most reluctant of Golf players.

The Tartan Butler at The Balmoral, Scotland

Taking its name from the Queen’s Scottish residence in the highlands of Scotland, The Balmoral uses a very special Butler service to create an experience which is culturally unique and personalised to every guest. For many who visit Scotland, it isn’t until they really become enriched in the local history that they start to become interested in discovering their own family heritage, with the Tartan Butler able to trace each guest’s heritage and uncover the family tartan, family genealogy and a tour of their family history from a Scottish perspective. As such, this is something which sounds completely unnecessary – until you get there, and find yourself enticed by the excitement and mystery surrounding Scotland.

The Goldfish Butler at the Kimpton Hotel

Arguably the best thing about this particular Butler service is that it isn’t a random offering found in a far-flung resort in the middle of nowhere – rather, it exists across each of the Kimpton Hotel’s situated around the world, making it something which is both completely bizarre and also somewhat commonplace across this chain of hotels. The Goldfish Butler focuses on providing guests with their own goldfish for the duration of their stay; basing an entire experience on the idea that having a goldfish is calming and helps reduce stress. The Butler’s role is to help you keep on top of the feeding and cleaning of your fish, creating a concept which is particularly popular with families and children and which adds a memorable and completely unnecessary luxurious new level to your holiday or hotel stay.

The whole idea of a Butler is to create an optimum and elevated experience for the guest – no matter what their needs and demands. While these examples represent Butler services which seem unnecessarily over-the-top, what they highlight is an industry focus on trend and creating unique experiences that guests will enjoy and remember.

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