5 of the world’s most exclusive private island resorts


When you go on holiday, do you favour the hustle and bustle of a new place and a new community, or do you prefer the peace and quiet of a space that is entirely your own to enjoy?

When it comes to these five most exclusive private island resorts available for hire, we tend to assume that their visitors like a combination of the two – with most of the islands on offer boasting accommodation and space for a large party or gathering who are all looking to enjoy a new luxury experience together.

How do they promise and provide this secluded luxury? Often it all comes down to location and transport, with most of these islands only accessible by helicopter or seaplane – immediately raising the stakes and ensuring that only the wealthiest among us can afford a spot on these incredible castaway oases.

Private island in Fiji

Kokomo – even the name sounds luxurious. This private island boasts 21 beachfront villas, with each benefitting from its own infinity pool, its own deck onto the beach and its own slice of white sand and sparkling blue heaven.

As well as the beachside residences, the island also has five incredible and sustainable hilltop homes which are contained within luscious jungle gardens and which offer unbeatable views over the island and the ocean beyond. Moving away from accommodation, visitors to Kokomo can enjoy the fruits of the island’s own organic farm, before enjoying endless activities around the island’s surrounding reef, on-site spa, and cultural tours.

Private island in Madagascar

For so many of us, most of what we know of Madagascar and its landscape comes from the iconic animated movie – until we step off the plane onto the TIME + TIDE Miavana resort. An eco-resort completely designed around experience and luxury, this island features 14 villas with their own kitchen and plunge pool, as well as a communal piazza with an infinity pool and bar so that you can come together for shared experiences during the evenings.

Given its location in Madagascar, the most impressive thing about this private island resort is its ecosystem and wildlife – with around 85% of its animals and plants only existing here in this area. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

Private island in the French Polynesia

French Polynesia is popular as a honeymoon destination for its water-top suites and villas, each with their own decking and their own slice of paradise. The Brando takes this one step further, created as a movie star hideaway which has hosted tons of celebrities and Royal visitors in the past. With 35 thatched rooved villas lining the coastline, each with outdoor baths, private decks and infinity pools, the eco-friendly paradise of The Brando is unlike anything else in the world.

Not only is the accommodation and amenities on the island great, but the breadth of available activities is endless, with guests able to enjoy the surrounding reefs and shorelines, meet sea turtles and enjoy impeccable on-site cuisine.

Private island in the Bahamas

The Caerula Mar Club in the Bahamas is a brand new private island experience which has only been open for a few months since the beginning of 2020. Designed as a romantic and relaxing hideaway, the target audience for this luxurious private island sits at the very top end – with full hire of the island available at $32,000 per night. This includes the 6 private villas and 18 private suites, all finished with the very best in facilities and interior décor.

The opening months of the Caerula Mar Club may have been thwarted by the 2020 global pandemic, but when fully opened the island is set to make a real impact in the private island market.

Private island in Abu Dhabi

Accessible by sea or by air, the Zaya Nurai Island just off Abu Dhabi is a haven for the rich and famous – making it one of the most popular private island resorts combining relaxation with unbeatable luxury. All 32 villas on the island boast amazing sea views, where guests can look out for dolphins or enjoy a dip in the island’s infinity pool before heading to the bar for a local cocktail.

Unlike many of the other private islands on our list, this one is available for day use due to its proximity to downtown Abu Dhabi, making it the perfect versatile option for all kinds of high end users and visitors.

Your own slice of paradise?

Whether or not a private island escape is within your budget, we all deserve a little R&R in our own oasis of calm and experience. It could well be a private island, or it could be a stay on board a luxury floating suite – providing you with all the seclusion and experience of your own private water-based stay… without the hefty price tag.

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