5 of our favourite yoga retreats around the world


As the home of luxury floating suites built for the hospitality sector, peace and tranquillity are two things we not only understand but also cherish. From the relaxation of a private waterside space, to the wellness we so often associate with time spent alone with nature, finding harmony with our surroundings is one of our primary goals here at Adharia luxury floating suites.

Yoga is one such activity which is particularly prominent in the search for wellness and peace, and this article provides a whistle stop tour of just a handful of our top yoga retreats around the world.

Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat, Bahamas

We start our list with a tropical retreat which benefits not only from high quality yoga teachers but also the luxury and beauty of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. With all-round sunshine shining down on those who visit this Bahamas-based retreat, the strict schedule and intense yoga practice melts away as you feel the sun on your face – enjoying the ritual of a daily routine which starts and ends with meditation and a diet designed to feed your soul as well as your stomach.

Kamalaya Koh Samui Spa Resort, Thailand

Another retreat where sunshine and fantastic weather is just the tip of the iceberg, the Kamalaya resort includes yoga as part of a wider offering which includes everything from detox programmes to simple fitness packages. The various yoga practices are held alongside the blue shores on private beaches, giving guests a chance to use the rhythm of the water to lull their mind into its happy place. That, added to the seclusion and grandeur of the resort, makes for a high end experience for all who visit.

Ananda in Himalayas

Nestled in the Himalayas, it doesn’t get much more authentic than Ananda if you are looking for a rich and cultured experience. With private yoga sessions practicing the arts long withheld in this resort, the yoga classes at Ananda are true representations of yoga as it was designed to be experienced – alongside a range of other classes which compliment yoga – all against the backdrop of the incredible Himalayan mountains.

Pink Pangea, Tel Aviv

This particular retreat offers so much more than just yoga, combining the ancient practice with similarly enlightening activities which include writing and a variety of cultural sessions. Guests at Pink Pangea which use interactive activities and experiences to open their minds and strengthen their mind and body through internal learning and reflection. Add to that the delectable Israeli food and the vibrant culture, and you have a well-rounded experience built on the concept of yoga forming just a part of a wider learning and cultural education.

Explorer Chick’s Yoga and Extreme Adventures, Dominican Republic

The final retreat on our list takes this post in a slightly different direction, encompassing this female-only 8-day retreat which packs yoga and mindfulness in with a series of other high intensity and extreme adventure sports designed to create an experience that enriches and enlighten the mind and body. As far as the perfect retreat goes, what better way to make guests appreciate calm and tranquil surroundings than to present it to them after they have jumped off a waterfall – and this retreat captures that essence perfectly.

The perfect retreat or holiday, whether it be dedicated to mindfulness and relaxation, or featuring a little activity and adventure, is one which takes everything you love about your own life and allows you to input yourself in a place where you can truly enjoy what you love. For many, that means the peace of their own private bubble, where they can be free to do as they please – for others, it means booking onto an organised retreat where they can enjoy a more rigorous style of relaxing.

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