20 Travel Blogs to Help Finetune and Perfect your Luxury Offering


Word of mouth is by far one of the most effective marketing tools for the hospitality industry, with podcasts growing into not just an entertainment channel for listeners but also one which can be used to share and guide guests towards some great experiences and things to try.

Travel blogs in particular allow the listener to immerse themselves and really feel like they are discovering the destination alongside the blogger, with some of our favourite blogs taking the listener out and about to really hear the sounds of the natural environment around.

For the luxury hospitality industry, this presents a chance to learn more about what other destinations and resorts are doing through the eyes of the target audience – with podcasts renowned for sharing the honest and most observant reflections of what a location does well, and what could be improved.

Without further ado, here’s a selection of our favourite podcasts which take you from the busy streets of the world’s major cities to the quiet peace of a lakeside retreat or an ocean haven.

1. The Travel Diaries
Because presenter Holly has made it her mission to share the travel stories of celebrities on her podcast, The Travel Diaries is the UK’s number one podcast – and for good reason. It’s funny and shares an insight into the side of A-list celebrities that we haven’t seen before.

2. A Girls Guide to Travelling Alone
This one makes it into our number two spot because of the relevancy of its content, and its open and honest approach to what it’s like to travel alone as a female. The host Gemma explores different perspectives and different locations, considering travel as a single mother or a sole traveller, ensuring that she covers all bases and really provides insight to every kind of traveller.

3. No Shitting in the Toilet
Not just a memorable podcast name, this presentation from author Peter Moore who has spent his career writing about travel and is now focussing his attention on his comic, honest, and compelling podcast. One of the best things about this podcast is Peter’s straight delivery of some of his own travel highs and lows, as well as the guests he brings in to share their own experiences.

4. You Should Have Been There
This is one podcast which shows you don’t have to be young, free, and single to hit the bigtime in the travel blog world. Simon Calder and Mick Webb are like sitting in a pub with your dad’s friends, hearing them chat about and share their tales from around the world – plus their opinions on everything they see and hear as they go.

5. Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet
This is a great podcast for putting a spotlight on how difficult to please travellers can really be and is a must for any hospitality business which has seen at least one terrible online review linked to their resort. It shares the very worst and the most ridiculous online reviews, creating comedy around the unrealistic expectations of modern travellers.

6. Travel Goals
A great one for those looking to make a little more of their worldwide travel, this podcast provides counsel on turning travel into a variety of careers; from writing to photography and everything in between. A great insight for the industry into why people travel and what different people get from their travel experiences.

7. The First Mile
This is a podcast based on the act of travelling as a lifestyle and considers more of a long term approach rather than the benefits of high level resorts every once in a while. The hosts really make this podcast as they are funny and inviting, and they feature various guests hosts to bring extra life into their show.

8. Travel with Rick Steves
Rick’s podcast is one of the more detailed in our list, as it really dives into the culture and the experience of every place visited. Rick includes various audio tours as part of his podcast, alongside explorations of what to do, where to do it, and what to expect.

9. Amateur Traveller
Each podcast episode of Amateur Traveller is dedicated to a new destination or a new experience, uncovering the top locations visited by tourists and what draws visitors to return to these sites year after year. It uncovers and gives insight into some of the best and most coveted experiences on the planet, including safaris and underwater adventures.

10. Travel Today with Peter Greenberg
Another one which proves travel blogging is a timeless hobby, Peter Greenberg considers the history and the scenery of everywhere he goes – creating a podcast which really appeals to those who are most interested in the geography and the past life of the things they see on their travels. The different locations visited broaden the overall listening experience, with Peter moving from the wilderness to widely visited cities across each episode.

11. Living Adventurously
Living Adventurously has made it onto the list due to the broad experiences shared by guest speakers, however not all the episodes are dedicated to travel – and that’s what makes this particular podcast so interesting. The host talks to ordinary people about ordinary things, discussing their lives in various locations – and what motivates them. Inspiring and interesting.

12. Armchair Explorer
As podcast fans, we are automatically considered an armchair explorer – and that’s exactly why this podcast is so appealing, talking to some of the world’s greatest adventurers about what they saw, how they felt, and what they experienced along the way. This is a podcast full of raw honesty and some incredible stories.

13. Zero to Travel
15 years’ worth of travel packed into one hour a week – a recipe for great content every single time. Tune in to Zero to Travel for stories, travel safety tips, budgeting ideas, and loads more.

14. JUMP with Travelling Jackie
This is a podcast which deliberately takes the listener off the beaten track and takes in some of the world’s most undervalued and underrated experiences. She provides ideas for future trips, and also gives listeners a chance to ask their own questions with her ‘Ask Jackie’ sessions.

15. Alice in Wanderland
Does what it says on the tin, however this podcast doesn’t focus on a global repertoire of stores – rather, it focuses on the stories of a Scottish girl living in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and what a day in the life is like for her out there.

16. The Big Travel Podcast
This is another podcast which is popular due to its wide range of experiences and tales, which come from the likes of athletes, politicians, celebrities and more. It’s like an eclectic who’s who of the world’s most interesting people, looking at all of them through their own holiday experiences and stories.

17. Indie Travel Podcast
The Indie Travel Podcast is one designed for young people considering backpacking and long adventures in some of the world’s most far flung locations – sharing tips on how to travel lightly and cheaply, as well as the best things to do in some of the world’s top locations.

18. We Travel There
This is another podcast with a difference, because it travels around the world but always focuses on talking to locals. This gives the listener a really authentic and genuine perspective of what each destination is like, providing tips on the most underrated and under-visited spots, the best food and drinks, and where to find the attractions that most tourists simply don’t know about.

19. Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast
This is a podcast which again focuses on getting the most from travel without spending a fortune, including information on how to pack smartly, how to get the best deals during your travels, and what to look out for along the way.

20. Where to Go
Our last podcast is one of the most relevant to today’s travel audience, as it deals with Covid-19 – the impact the pandemic has had on global destinations, what travellers are missing most about their favourite spots, and how local communities are supporting their national parks and local attractions without tourists. A real celebration of what we love about travel.

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