10 of the best romantic Maldives holiday experiences


You could be forgiven for scrolling through an Instagram feed dedicated to the Maldives and think that all there is to it is an island surrounded by floating villas on stilts. Somewhere where couples go to spend time together, bask in then sunshine and lazily float around their own little patch of ocean outside their floating villa.

In fact, half the charm and elegance of the Maldives is in the experiences it hides beneath the surface – offering every guest the most immersive and playful of experiences which take waterside holidaying to a whole new level.

  1. The Accommodation

When it comes to the overwater villas, there isn’t much to the Maldives in terms of the construction and design. Unlike the innovative Adharia floating suites which can be controlled and driven by guests as they enjoy the luxury amenities and truly immersive viewpoints of surrounding nature and creatures, the Maldives suites and villas are attached to the main jetty and are contained within their own singular viewpoint and area. The real romance lies in the details that Maldives resorts put into their villas – emanating a charm and luxury similar to that of our Adharia luxury suites with a close to zero impact on the environment, plenty of opportunities to see around and deep into the sea, and lots of outdoor private space from which to enjoy sunsets and views.

  1. Dining

One of the things we love most about the Maldives is the immersive nature of everything they offer – and that includes the dining. One of the top rated eateries in the world is actually in the Maldives, with an entire restaurant built under the water with entire floor to ceiling views out into the ocean around with glass walls and a glass ceiling. Think of an aquarium, but more romantic, more atmospheric, and even more exciting – given it’s the natural ocean habitat and not a large tank.

  1. The attention to detail

This refers to nothing in particular, but rather to everything as a whole. The Maldives was designed to be a romantic destination, and so every single offering is built around potential romance and love – for example the beach movie nights with candles and popcorn, and the ability to hire everything from your own private island to a yacht for a day. No ask is too much in the Maldives, and it is this which makes it one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world.

  1. The drinks

From cocktails on the beach to the extensive wine list at the Conrad resort – boasting over 1400 wine labels in total – the chance to enjoy incredible drinks to match every occasion and situation is too tempting to say no to, and so many couples finding themselves turning daytrips into day dates at the clink of a glass. An activity made all the more fun when you know you have your own private sunset view to return to later in the day.

  1. Bottomless baths

Not literally bottomless – more designed with a glass bottom than bottomless in their entirety. These bathtubs are not only built to be big enough for two, but are entirely made of glass so that you can lazily watch the fish and other sea life swim by as you bathe, making them the perfect accompaniment for every kind of accommodation option in the Maldives.

  1. An overwater hammock

More on the waterside adventures now and given the world’s fascination with the ocean and undiscovered delights, it seems fair to assume that many of the most popular accommodation options, holiday activities and romantic experience take place in or next to the water. This one is super simple and yet is one of the most popular experiences, giving guests a chance to swing over the ocean as they kick back and enjoy a book or a cocktail with their loved one.

  1. Every single sunrise and sunset

Whether it be from the terrace of an Adharia suite on a jungle canal deep in the depths of the Maldives island, or from the waterside banks of your overwater villa, appreciating a sunrise or a sunset in the Maldives is one of the easiest and most naturally romantic activities you can do. It’s entirely free, it’s always gorgeous, and your position from a waterside suite means your view is completely uninterrupted.

  1. Relax in the spa

Another one elevated by the proximity to water, only this time it’s a spa treatment rather than a meal. The Maldives resorts have taken their underwater restaurant idea and injected it across their resorts to offer unwater spa treatment rooms and entire hotel rooms in some cases – allowing guests to truly experience the ocean right from its heart.

  1. Try out a sandbank

A night away from the waterside villa can sometimes be a good thing, with some of the islands across the Maldives offering a high end glamping experience under the stars from your very own four-poster bed – placed right in the middle of a sandbank. It doesn’t get much more intimate and private than that!

  1. Enjoy the water from the water

Snorkelling. Scuba diving. Canoeing. Kayaking. Paddle boarding. All of these activities take place on the water and let you explore at your own pace – just like the Adharia luxury floating suites do thanks to their zero impact design and free movement through any body of water. We always find that the best way to experience the water is from a moving vessel, and this is always best done with someone you love – making it one of the most romantic experiences you can possible indulge in during your special holiday in the Maldives.

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