10 must-have travel essentials


When you go on holiday, no matter where you are headed or how long you plan to be away for, there are certain items which should always be in your travel bag.

Luxury travel in particular is one of the most divisive in terms of planning and packing, with some travellers filling suitcases with items while others choose to travel light and allow themselves the freedom of simply picking up a bag and carrying it with them. While most high end resorts and hotels offer services which enable guests to order and locate any extras they may have forgotten, there are times when these services are not available – for example if you are staying on a luxury island, find yourself in a 5 star bell tent in the middle of a safari, or are staying on an Adharia floating suites in the middle of a lake or reservoir.

As such, we recommend following this very basic guideline to 10 of our top travel essentials – so you never get caught out!

  1. Bathroom Essentials

This means toothbrushes, toothpaste, sanitary products, deodorant, pain killers, and anything else you associate with hygiene and cleanliness. There is nothing worse than being caught without any of these products, so make sure you always pack them – even if there’s a chance the hotel or resort will be able to provide you with some freebies.

  1. A secure bum bag

They may not be associated with high end style, but a bum bag really is the best and safest way of carrying cash and valuables around with you. A shoulder bag or backpack could be stolen or raided without you even knowing, but it is unlikely a bum bag will go unnoticed if someone tries to pinch something. In our eyes, it doesn’t matter where you are travelling to – a bum bag is always an essential part of our packing routine!

  1. Sun cream

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Avoid the pain of sun burn by always carrying your sun cream with you!

  1. A light and airy pair of long trousers

Many travellers are not aware of the rules in certain destinations around covering up, particularly in the cultural and religious areas of a destination such as their cathedrals and churches and places of worship. To save the embarrassment of not having suitable attire, always pack a light pair of trousers which you can pop on should the need arise. The lighter the better to save on packing space!

  1. A silk scarf

One for the ladies, but for the same reason as above. If necessary, a silk scarf can be fashioned into a cover-up top, a head scarf or simply a shawl to keep your shoulders warm!

  1. Swimwear and a mini fold-up towel

Again, you don’t want this to take up too much space, but if there is water to be swum in on your travels, you want to be able to enjoy it! From the crystal blue waters of the local beaches on your trip, to the enticing water surrounding a floating suite or boat ride you choose to take, always pack the swimwear for those occasions for when you want to take a dip – with a mini fold-up towel the ideal solution for drying yourself quickly and stashing it away again.

  1. Headphones

If you like to lose yourself on holiday and take long walks or runs to explore the local area, a pair of headphones to play your favourite tunes will keep you on track and motivated. Plus, headphones are ideal for blocking out any excess noise at night which may impact your sleep and can serve as a lifeline on long bus rides, flights, or taxi drives.

  1. A worldwide adaptor

Whether it’s to keep in touch with family, to start a travel blog or just to check emails, keeping your devices charged is one of our top recommendations when it comes to personal safety as you travel. Eliminate the risk of your charger not fitting the local plugs, by investing in a global adaptor.

  1. Insect Repellent

For much the same reasons as sun cream, carrying insect repellent around is the best way to combat unwelcome bugs and visitors either as you walk, sunbathe, swim or sleep.

  1. A good book

The best travels and holidays come accompanied with a good book; something you can settle down with at the end of the day, which will ground you and help you to relax. We wouldn’t travel without one!

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